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We process all of our online orders using Paypal. You can order one product at a time, and shipping is calculated based on your location. We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. If you wish to place a multi-product order, please contact us directly, and we'd be glad to process your order. Larger orders are processed manually to help save you money on shipping costs.

Maple Syrup

We have a size to suit any need. Syrup is available in Gallon, Half Gallon, Quart, Pint and Half Pint sizes. It's combined with Granulated Sugar and Maple Candy in our Gift Boxes.

One Gallon Maple Syrup


Half Gallon Maple Syrup


Quart Maple Syrup


Pint Maple Syrup


Half Pint Maple Syrup


Decorative Maple Syrup Bottles

Our Maple Syrup is also available in decorative Maple Leaf bottles and Snowman bottles. Large Maple Leaf Bottles and Snowman Bottles make great gifts, while small Maple Leafs are perfect stocking stuffers. Small Maple Leaf bottles can be custom made into party/wedding favors. Please email us for more information.

Lg. Glass Maple Leaf


Sm. Glass Maple Leaf


Glass Painted Bottles


Maple Cream

Maple Cream is available in pound and half pound tubs. Smooth and creamy, it is delicious spread on toast, english muffins or even eaten alone.

Large 1 pound


Small 1/2 pound


Maple Candy

Our Candy is made from Pure Maple Syrup. It is available in four and five ounce boxes in addition to small and large leaf shaped, individual pieces. Maple Sugar Candy is also included in both large and small gift boxes.

5 oz. Box


4 oz. Box


Granulated Sugar

Available in six and ten ounce bottles. Maple sugar can be used in place of traditional sugar or to add a distinct flavor to meats, hot cereals and even ice cream. Comes in both sizes of our Gift Boxes.

Large 12 oz. Box


Small 6 oz. Box


Gift Boxes

Large Gift Box - Contains A Quart of Syrup, Large Bottle of Granulated Sugar and six ounces of Maple Candy. Small Gift Box - Contains A Pint of Syrup, Small Bottle of Granulated Syrup and two pieces of Maple Candy.

Large Gift Box


Small Gift Box