Brookledge Sugarhouse began in 1974 as a neighborhood hobby. It started very small on an outside fireplace in an open flat plan. The first few years about five gallons of syrup were made per year. Since then many upgrades and improvements have taken place.

Today the sap is collected through a pipeline. This method allows the sap to flow directly into large collecting tanks and requires much less collecting than using buckets. We boil on a wood fired 3 foot by 12 foot evaporator. It is capable of boiling 140 gallons of sap per hour. The syrup is heated to 219 degrees Farenheit. We produce an average of 400 gallons of syrup a year. The majority of our syrup is sold through the year, with the largest demand at Christmas time. Many maple products are made from our syryp, such as Maple Cream, Maple Candy, and Maple Granulated Sugar.

One gallon of syrup is produced from 40 gallons of sap. The sap is heated over our evaporator until it's temperature reaches 219.5 degrees. By this point the quantity has been geratly reduced as the water in the sap evaporates out. Next the syrup is checked for the correct color and syrup density. Finally the grade is determined and the syrup is ready to be sold.

Brookledge Sugar House
PO Box 12, Whately MA 01093